About CBD OIL Lanzarote


CBD OIL Lanzarote, Canalanza is a company composed of a team of people who for ten years have been working to offer our members top quality products and service, which can help them improve their day-to-day quality of life, as well as offer them a social leisure space



It is for Canalanza privilege to be able to offer its members a range of products achieved in a totally natural and ecological way, both in the production and in the elaboration:

-CBD Oil: Canalanza is proud to have managed to elaborate, after years of hard work our CBD Oil at a 20%.

It´s also used in multiple pioneering countries for research as an experimental treatment, being able to combat various ailments given its broad health benefits. It is proven that this excellent product applied in the right way can help improve the quality of life of people suffering from any of the following diseases: cancer, hypertension, sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, insomnia, nausea, pain, inflammation, etc. .

-CBD Creams: Made from hemp, shea butter, olive oil and natural extracts, they can be very effective for pain, psoriasis, burns, dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases.

100% Natural CBD Canalanza elaborated Canarian Products
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