CBD OIL 100% Natural
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CBD OIL 100% Natural


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100% Natural CBD oil, made, for more than 10 years, by Canalanza.

Elaborated with 100% natural olive oil and with 20% CBD and 0.1’8% THC. The greater the content of CBD, the greater its active properties, being that of Canalanza, a pure 20% CBD oil.

The taste is pleasant, natural, without leaving residues.

It does not produce any type of side effects, nor does it produce any type of addiction, being this a 100% Natural CBD Oil.



Our CBD oil 20% 0.1’8% THC 100% Natural, differs by our artisanal method and by respecting and taking care of all the manufacturing processes.

The process is carried out in our laboratories applying a cold and heat extraction. The base we use for our formula is a 100% Natural Olive Oil. In addition, it´s made without any additives, and always using 100% natural products.

Our oil contains 0.1’8% THC Legal allowed amount of THC throughout Europe.

It´s made with an olive oil base, without alcohol. Therefore giving it a golden/yellow colour and providing a very good, smooth and residue-free taste. The importance in not using any type of alcohol in any of the processes of elaboration of our oil is that it does not produce any type of side effect, nor burning sensation under the tongue or dryness. Also it´s 100% natural.

CBD Oil, has many medicinal properties, so it is so effective in many diseases and conditions as, for example Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Insomnia, Diabetes, Alzheimer‘s, Parkinson‘s, Epilepsy, Psychosis.

Some of its properties are:

• Anxiolytic • Analgesic • Antiemetic • Antiepileptic • Antitumor • Antioxidant • Anti-inflammatory • Antipsychotic • Immunomodulatory • Antibacterial and Anti-fungal • Neuroprotector • Antirheumatic • Induces sleep

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