Hani+ Organic rosemary CBD honey
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Hani+ Organic rosemary CBD honey


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Organic rosemary honey mixture with 300 mg of cannabidiol extract (CBD) full spectrum. Rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and essential amino acids.


Rosemary honey with CBD HANI +

  • What (does). Honey and cannabidiol extract are rich in nutrients and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial (honey) and relaxing properties. Therefore, ideal to clear the mind and stabilize the mood. Try it to start your day with a different perspective and finish it calmly.
  • How (it’s done). 100% organic and cruelty free. Obtaining pure honey (Madrid Honey), that´s harvested by local beekeepers who maintain artisanal methods of extraction, respecting their hives. 100% organic hemp. We produce our oil using the CO2 extraction method, which ensures the preservation of the various cannabinoids without traces of toxic solvents or alcohols. In Madrid, in collaboration with UnInicio, is where the mixing, packaging and labelling is done. Also, external laboratories (CTAEX + Apinevada) are analysing each batch for impurities, purity, potency, microbial and heavy metals.
  • How (to take it). Use daily (at night).

Ingredients: Cannabidiol full spectrum (300 mg) – 140g Organic rosemary honey – 5 g EVOO

Recommendation for use: One or two tablespoons per day either directly or infused into a cold/hot drink or on some toast. To achieve the greatest effect, we recommend a regular daily dose. (Due to the relaxing effects of CBD, its not reccomended to use before work or driving)

Notice: In hot drinks, you should wait about 5 minutes until the temperature drops. Because high temperatures can reduce the effect of cannabidiol.

* The benefits described will be better if accompanied by an anti-inflammatory diet and a regular exercise routine.

Hani+ Organic rosemary CBD honey is also available at Canalanza.

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